Manufacturing Offer

  • Solid Forms

Form : Different formats (round, oval, oblong) and sizes of : Tablets, Hard Gelatin Capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules.
Processing : Dry granulation, wet granulation and mixing, tableting, film and sugar coating, automatic capsule machines, filling, HPMC, rotary type encapsulation technology, softgels printing.
Packaging : Blister (PVC-PVDC, PP, Alu), Glass bottles, plastic bottles, blister in sachet, shrinking, bundle-pack, tamper evident solutions.

  • Oral Liquid Forms

Form : Solutions, Suspensions, Emulsions, Syrup, Drops.
Processing : equipment for all process related steps: Dissolution, Suspension, Emulsion, Filtration, Stirring.
Packaging : Glass bottles, plastic bottles, Measuring Device, Shrinking, bundle pack, Tamper evident solutions, sleeves.