Microbiological Services

Our competencies encompass a wide range of microbiological analyses ensuring you expert handling at every stage beginning from control to certification of the product.

  • Methods

- According to European pharmacopoeia
- Harmonized/combined methods

  • Tests

- Total aerobic microbial count
- Total combined yeasts/moulds count
- Test for specified micro-organismus
- Micro-organisms identifications
- Suitability/validation of methods
- Efficacy of antimicrobial preservation
- Rapid microbiological analysis
- LAL-Test
- Water analysis
- Microbiological monitoring

Further testing upon request.

  • State-of-the-art testing facilities

    Ginsana IB provides state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with modern instrumentation to meet physical, chemical and microbiological needs.
    Highly competent professionals, skilled quality assurance and quality control teams with significant experience in phyto-pharmaceutical chemistry and microbiology along with extensive know-how help us meet our clients’ expectations.
    We can offer you an analytical service which is tailor-made or full-service, ranging from a single order to large projects, from raw material to the release of the finished product, from routine analysis to stability program, from established method to development and validation activities.