New Business Opportunities, Flexible Deals and Effective solutions

Ginsana has a long tradition of successful partnerships and alliances with business partners are important to us. Our IB division brings a strong international expertise, long experience and customer focused solutions to maximize your product potential.

Our Licensing team pursues business opportunities and works with partners to properly structure deals based on common customer objectives.

Our Objectives

IB licensing is actively pursuing partnering opportunities in Nutraceuticals and OTC that can enhance existing franchises and expand the marketed products.

Our team is responsible for:
•   exploring opportunities to create value in the partnership
•  ensuring that alliances are successful in terms of achieving common and fruitful business objectives
•   managing existing partnerships to realize their full potential

What We Do

IB Licensing works on all aspects of partnering and has developed a flexible and innovative approach to licensing. Our team actively seeks strategic partnerships to complement and enhance our and your product portfolio

•    We search and evaluate Licensing-0ut opportunities with external parties
•    We are interested in identifying and evaluating licensing-in products that can enhance and expand the marketed portfolio of our branded products and establish a greater geographic presence
•    We are open to develop Co-branding arrangements in order to increase the premium consumers are willing to pay or to combine the different perceived properties associated with these brands with a single product
•    We develop and manage commercial agreements throughout the world including distribution and supply partnerships
•    We work closely with our partners to efficiently structure business deals based on our common customer driven objectives.

Our offer

IB licensing offers close collaboration with partners who share common and mutually reinforcing business views.
Our business offer provides:
•    Rapid evaluation of potential Licensing-in and Co-branding opportunities
•    Ginsana Core products with a strong scientific background that exploit the power of natural extracts for Licensing-out business options. Learn more about Ginsana brands at
•    A new group of products, called ME line, based on the concept of “Nutraceuticals”, has been recently developed to further strengthen our Licensing-out offer.
The Me line has been specifically designed to maintain and improve day-to-day well-being and meet the desires of the most exigent partners. The ME products  which are positioned in the strategic segments of ENERGY, WELLBEING & BEAUTY, SLIM & SPORTY and STRESS REDUCTION are the result of a very extensive experience and deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets of Ginsana.