Full Service

Our range of services for all customers is flexible, modular and customizable in order to meet the specific needs of  our partners and their target audience.
We provide also a “Full Service Solution” enabling you to outsource all your scientific and operational services.
The three-part IB process is our particular way of approaching the market. As we know our clients often have different needs, you may choose to use just one, two or all phases of the process. You may also choose to use all three phases but emphasize one particular phase to complement your project’s requirements.

  • Business & Product Development
    Drug and Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain services
    Quality and Environment
    Analytical services

We can develop your ideas that help run your business while you focus on strategy, sales and growing your business. Just bringing ideas to life.

- Product portfolio management

- Customized and modular options

- Full value chain management

- Business process excellence & competitive prices